Discovery Service

Staying connected to the startup ecosystem

Guided by your business needs, Hyperliens continuously scouts the startup ecosystem, in Quebec and abroad, in the search for startups, talent, teams and technologies.

Explore game-changing technologies and new business models along the axis of three different types of activities:

  • Reputation : make you familiar and recognized in the startup industry

    • Participate with us at conferences, workshops and information sessions
    • Communicate your needs, your successes and your initiatives directly to the startups from our database and through our different networks
  • Mission : discover game-changing technologies and promising startups for you

    • Benefit from our continuous scouting and qualification of startups
    • Participate in our missions in high potential startup ecosystems (ex: Waterloo)
    • Meet with emerging startups, talent or technologies that are important to you
  • Immersion : get close to the leaders in the ecosystem

    • Participate in brainstorming and collaboration sessions
    • Discover emerging technologies and the best teams in the industry

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