Hyperliens v.1: a successful match

On June 3rd, 2015, Hyperliens held its first gathering event between startups and mature companies at the Notman House. Bombardier, Desjardins, Québecor and Sobeys each submitted a business challenge, listening to the solutions presented by 16 different startups in front of 200 people and then choosing 4 winners. The chosen startups were brought in to negotiate with the managers of the companies, one of which is on the verge of agreeing to a contract, while two others we are able to bring their product to market with other big companies.

A recap of the event:

  • 53 startups signed up
  • 16 finalists each had 4 minutes to convince the panel
  • 4 winners
  • 16 partners with 10 private investment funds
  • 200 participants

The winners and the business needs


When experienced engineers are eligible for retirement, there is a risk that their tacit knowledge will be lost if their replacements are not trained properly and apprenticed with the active workforce. At the moment when knowledge plays a key role in the transformation of ideas into profitable products, our need is to improve communication, share knowledge, apprenticeship and collaboration within our engineering community by putting into place tools and knowledge management practices.

Bombardier opted for the startup ChallengeU.


Hiring 18 to 30 year olds is a challenge considering increasingly aggressive competing offers from the market, especially in the urban environment where the majority of youth are found. Desjardins wanted to augment the number of new hires in this demographic age group as their objective.

Desjardins chose La Sphère étudiante.


We wish that our urban network was more connected with potential users, in order to respond to their needs and integrate social media in a dynamic way.

Québecor chose Affordance Studio to develop an active community around our bus shelters.


We would like to receive, in a continuous manner, the opinions of consumers, so that we can better distribute our investments into client experience.

Sobeys chose Friendefi.

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