The InnoBahn Ubisoft Series

A public invitation to startups who want to test their solution with big companies

InnoBahn – Ubisoft is an initiative of the Metropolitan Montreal Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Ubisoft, which is fundamentally a collaboration between big companies and startups. The business’s pledge : execute a pilot project with the chosen startup. The opportunity for the startup: test and verify their solution with real users, in a real business context.

Hyperliens consultants are the caretaker of the arrangement. We are there to insure that the startup and the big company work the best together possible.

An approach in two steps:

1 – Find the right startup to fix the right problem

We are looking for innovative solutions, solutions which we haven’t thought of yet and that you are working on already. We are looking for startups who have already secured contracts and that satisfy one OR another of the following conditions:

  • Have obtained financing for next 18 months


  • Have an annual revenue of between 100,000 to 5,000,000 dollars


  • Have active clients using their solution

The startup must also have 50% or more of their capital as Canadian, their head office in Quebec and have existed for less than 5 years.

2 – Accomplish a pilot project in order to validate the solution

The framework is defined in advance. The big businesses have already announced when, where and how they want the solution tested, with real users in real situation. Hyperliens consultants will be present for the entire length and delivery of the pilot project and are responsible for reporting between all partners.

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