Why Hyperliens?

Create value by collaborating with startups

Mature companies are aware of innovation opportunities, but are often missing process, technology or talent for proper execution of their innovation activities.

At Hyperliens, we rely on our expertise with startups to accelerate digital innovation for mature companies, often generating profit from innovation in months rather than years.

  • Our methodology enables us to solve large problems by targeting specific areas
  • Our understanding of the startup industry insures we will find suitable technology and team members
  • Our knowledge and experience has equipped us to complete and manage teams for robust changes

Teams are selected and trained to rapidly develop proofs of concept that will contribute to:

  • Problem resolution
  • Understanding new uses for clients
  • Exploring the potential of new technologies



  • Stimulate engagement of employees around innovation projects
  • Mobilize intrapreneurs within organizations in order to retain talent
  • Identify and fully understand the real problems that a business, with their unique resources and actual processes, have been unable to efficient resolve


  • Generate new revenues through products and services
  • Reduce operational costs by fixing problems
  • Train intrapreneurs how to work in teams and in techniques mastered by startups (lean startup)
  • Identify new partners who offer alternatives to traditional suppliers


  • Accelerate the innovation process by developing new innovation operational capacities and concurrent actions
  • Discover new business models
  • Prepare organizations for:
    • Establishing new innovation structures within organizations
    • Startup acquisition
    • Developing spin offs
    • Managing joint ventures with startups

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